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Help with Behavioural Advice and Autism Support in UKAutism Support in the UK from our Specialists.

Autism Support in the UK from our Specialists.

Autism* is a developmental disability which affects how people interpret the world and interact with people.

The type of intervention best suited for you can be discussed with our specialists. But please click on these links for preliminary information:

Full Autism assessments and diagnoses anywhere in the country, usually completed within 1 month. We can also assess adults.

ADOS assessments (all locations considered).

Autism programmes (assessments and therapy to help implement these).




If you have any queries or would like to make a booking, please contact us to find out if we can help you.


*The term "autism" is used here to describe all diagnostic profiles including Asperger's Syndrome and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)..

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