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highly selective about the therapiststThe Owl Centre’s team meets certain standards of excellence to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

The Owl Centre is highly selective about the therapists that it takes on. We like to see it as a badge of honour to be an Owl Centre therapist, and have in place a rigorous 3-stage interview process (which includes a practical assessment with a child) to ensure that our therapists offer you a premium service.


  • All of our therapists are registered with their respective profession’s governing body and hold a DBS certificate.
  • Our therapists have access to the latest training and resources. They also have the peer support of all of their colleagues in The Owl Centre. This ability to pool expertise means that we can ensure that your child receives the therapeutic support which befits him and best enables him to develop and flourish.
  • If our therapists need something in order to provide you with a gold star service, we will make sure they receive it.
  • Our therapists’ performance is regularly reviewed, and we always invite feedback about them and about the service that you are receiving from us in general.
  • Our therapists have frequent team meetings together. The Owl Centre is like an extended family, and we look after and highly reward our therapists so that they look after you.

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