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I can't understand my child, Speech therapy in Oxford, Chinnor, Wendover, Stoke Mandeville, Garsington and surrounding areas.Levels of Attention/Listening

Level 1 (0 to 1 Year):

At this stage a child is able to recognise familiar sounds (e.g. mum and dad), voices and sounds to do with routines (e.g. food, bath-time), and can also distinguish between different speech sounds.

However, the child has no mechanism for dealing with distraction. Their interest in listening to speeches, music and environmental sounds will gradually increase. The childs attention flits from one object, person or event to another. Any new event, such as someone walking by, will immediately distract him.


Level 2 (1 to 2 Years):

The child will begin to make links between sounds and their sources. The ability to listen selectively still relates only to his chosen focus of attention. The child can concentrate on a concrete task of his own choosing but will not tolerate any intervention by an adult, whether verbal or visual. He may appear obstinate or wilful but in fact his attention is single channelled and he must ignore all extraneous stimuli in order to concentrate upon what he is doing.


Level 3 (2 to 3 Years):

Attention is still single channelled in that the child cannot attend to auditory and visual stimuli from different sources. He cannot therefore listen to an adults directions while he is playing but he can shift his whole attention to the speaker and back to the game, with the adults help.


Level 4 (3 to 4 Years):

The child must still alternate his full attention, visual and auditory, between the speaker and the task but he now does this spontaneously without the adult needing to focus his attention.


Level 5 (4 to 5 Years):

The childs attention is now two channelled (e.g. he understands verbal instructions related to the task without interrupting his activity to look at the speaker). His concentration span may still be short but he can be taught in a group.


Level 6 (5 to 6 Years):

Auditory, visual and manipulatory channels are fully integrated and attention is well established and sustained.

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