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Private Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Emotional Resilience Coaching in Bedfordshire and help with childrenPrivate Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Emotional Resilience Coaching in Bedfordshire

The Owl Centre is happy to add Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Emotional Resilience Coaching to their team in Bedfordshire, providing a friendly and sympathetic solutions-focused approach to the children and parents they see.

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Emotional Resilience Coaching?

Our minds hold unconscious behaviour patterns which relay fears, instincts, what drives us, phobias and anxieties amongst other things.  All behaviours have a positive intention but sometimes these unconscious behaviours stop being beneficial.

A common unconscious behaviour is being frightened of spiders. How many of us still squeal or flinch when we see one!  You probably don’t know exactly why you are afraid of them and why you keep reacting the way you do - but this is just an example of an unconscious behaviour.  

Working with a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, unconscious behaviour patterns can be overcome.

Here is a 3 minute video from the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Trevor Sylvester, explaining how this therapy technique can help:



Utilising a background in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques within therapy models like Ollie and his Super Powers, children, adolescents and adults can improve their emotional resilience.

Emotional Resilience Coaching helps people engage with their own feelings and create a greater emotional awareness. A higher degree of emotional resilience enables people to adapt more effectively to the stresses that come with daily life. It is found that more emotionally resilient people are able to deal with challenges more calmly, and they adapt to adversity without lasting difficulties; less resilient people have a harder time dealing with stress and life changes.

Change is always happening but it’s how a person reacts to this change that affects them. If they have skills to empower their self worth, confidence and emotional agility, change can be less daunting and instead it can be challenging and exciting.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Emotional Resilience Coaching work hand in hand, enabling clients to address existing issues and provide techniques and tools to help clients achieve a future of self-dependence, greater confidence and emotional wellness.




Please click here to find out information about our Cognitive Hypnotherapist / Emotional Resilience Coach who provides Cognitive Hypnotherapy / Emotional Resilience Coaching services in and around Bedfordshire.


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