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Theraplay in GloucestershireTheraplay from our Specialists in Gloucestershire.

theraplay logoTheraplay® informed practice focuses on four key areas that are considered essential to healthy parent / child relationships: Nurture, Structure, Engagement and Challenge. Through playful activities, these aspects of the relationship between parent and child can be developed. 

Theraplay from our Specialists in GloucestershireTheraplay® informed practice can benefit all children and parents. However, it has been used extensively with children who are withdrawn, passive, or depressed; children who are overactive or aggressive; children with autism; and children who are fostered or adopted. Any parent who wishes to strengthen their relationship with their child may benefit from Theraplay® informed practice. Younger children under 3 can also benefit because Theraplay® informed practice is non-verbal. 

To provide this service, an initial assessment will explore the suitability of the practice to your situation. Following on from this, an observation will be undertaken to help understand the relationship between parent and child. Subsequently, parents are invited to a feedback session where a treatment plan is discussed. The Theraplay informed sessions are always demonstrated with the parents to tailor the approach with the child. The child and parent attend sessions together, and there are regular feedback sessions where the progress can be reviewed. 


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