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Help with Autism assessment and diagnosis in ManchesterAutism Support, Assessment and Diagnosis from our Specialists in Manchester.

Autism* is a developmental disability which affects how people interpret the world and interact with people.

People on the autistic spectrum have difficulties in the following areas:Autism assessment and diagnosis in Manchester

  • Social interaction
  • Social communication
  • Social imagination / Flexibility of thought
  • Sensory processing difficulties


A number of different interventions are considered to be helpful when working with children who are on the autistic spectrum. These are:

  • Attention Autism
  • Intensive interaction
  • Visual support service
  • Social stories
  • Social skills groups
  • Circle of friends
  • PECS
  • Comic strip conversations
  • Colourful Semantics


Many of our therapists have specific training and expertise in these interventions and also in providing a full Autism assessment to diagnose the condition in children or adults. Fundamentally, they will encourage your child to ‘fall in love’ with the social world.

The types of service we can offer are:

  • Observation
  • Assessment - ADOS or Full ASD assessment for a diagnosis of children or adults
  • Assessment – language, communication, behaviour, sensory processing, emotion issues, anxiety, eating and drinking, etc.
  • 1:1 Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Training
  • Support with Transitions
  • Setting up and implementing interventions into home, school or nursery
  • Attending meetings
  • Support with autism diagnosis
  • Help parents to learn about autism, become an expert themselves and implement evidence-based practices into their everyday life


The type of intervention best suited for you can be discussed after the initial session has taken place. Our therapists can provide a full Autism assessment to diagnose the condition in children or adults, or the ADOS assessment to determine whether a child is on the ASD spectrum (which could be followed up with the full assessment to secure a diagnosis). As for therapy, a session can be as infrequent or as often as necessary. We can sometimes arrange for a therapist’s session to be backed up more intensively by an assistant or a student at a lower rate. We highly recommend that you intervene straight away rather than wait for a formal diagnosis.


*The term ‘autism’ is used here to describe all diagnostic profiles including Asperger's Syndrome and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA).



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Autism Support is offered across most of the counties in which we operate. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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