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Help with Behavioural Advice and Autism Support in KentBehavioural Advice in Kent with our Behavioural Specialists.

Behavioural Specialist, Kent All children and young people are different and react to the world in different ways. At some stages, particularly during pre-school and teenage years, children can find it hard to control emotions. It may not always be obvious why the child is behaving in a certain way, and it can be hard to control the situation without knowing more about what lies behind it and what kinds of strategies to use. For example, any of the following issues might affect a child:

  • They don’t understand what is expected of them in each social situation
  • Sensory overload is too great
  • Frustration due to language delay
  • Emotional difficulties
  • They may have learnt from experience that such behaviour generally achieves their desired object
  • A child may have limited language skills and not know a better way to get their needs or wants satisfied


A behaviour specialist will analyse what’s been going on before the outburst, and will implement some of the following strategies according to your child’s needs:

  • Build activities based on your child's interests and strengths
  • Find out which behaviours are causing the most problems
  • Offer a predictable schedule
  • Help to teach tasks as a series of simple steps
  • Actively engage your child's attention in highly structured activities
  • Provide regular reinforcement of ‘desirable’ behaviour
  • Try to teach new ways of communicating what they want
  • Help children to regulate their emotions
  • Find out how a child learns best through seeing, listening or doing
  • Help adapt the curriculum to the needs of the child
  • Involve the parents to find out:
    • Is the behaviour out of character for your child, or does it fit in with their general way of dealing with things?
    • Has the change been very sudden or have things been changing for a while?
    • Is there anything obvious that might have upset or unsettled them? For example, moving to a new house or school, divorce or separation, bereavement, friendship problems, illness, etc.?
    • Is the behaviour having a negative effect on their daily life, for example, stopping them attending school or getting their schoolwork done; affecting friendships or family relationships; getting in the way of hobbies or activities; affecting their eating or sleeping?
    • Is anyone else worried about their behaviour, e.g. other family members, teachers, friends?
    • Has your child said they think there is a problem or that they are worried?

 The behaviour specialist will help you to pin-point the issues.

The behaviour specialist will help you to pin-point the issues and provide a plan and programme accordingly.



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