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Counselling and Psychotherapy services in KentPrivate Counselling and Psychotherapy services in Kent

counselling and psychotherapy servicesOur team of qualified psychologists in Kent have varied backgrounds and can help with most kinds of life challenges and personal difficulties and distresses. Our counsellors and psychotherapists will conduct an initial assessment and create a treatment plan, which matches needs and uses recognised models and approaches. Individual profiles show how practitioners design and structure their sessions and which models and psychotherapeutic / counselling approaches they practise.

Our team can help provide support for most common human life challenges, including emotional, behavioural, developmentalanxiety, separation issues, grief and loss, phobias, low self-esteem, depression, anger management, addiction, relationships, stress, coping with illness and many other issues.

Using the initial and ongoing assessment and therapeutic intervention, an individual treatment plan is created with and for the child / young person. They work with the counsellor / psychotherapist to find solutions to the challenges which they are facing, enabling and empowering them to form new understanding and lead to positive change in their lives, coping with their feelings.

Children can be seen locally within their home or school, depending upon their needs. The Owl Centre may also be able to provide alternative locations near to your home (details upon request).

Our Psychologists can visit children throughout most of Kent, including (but not limited to) the following places:




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