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therapy for girls with an autism/Asperger’s diagnosis in OxfordPrivate therapy in Oxfordshire for children with Autism and Asperger’s provided by our specialist therapists.

Our specialist therapists offer one-on-one therapy for girls with an Autism/Asperger’s diagnosis; holiday activity groups; and training packages for SENCOs, teachers and TAs in Oxfordshire.

Autism in girls specialist in Oxford

It had been assumed that autism is 4 or 5 times more common in boys than girls. However, most experts now agree that there are far more girls with autism than was previously believed.

Girls with autism and Asperger’s often have specific needs. Our specialist Speech and Language Therapists have expertise in working with girls from 5 years old to adult. We understand that girls on the autistic spectrum often suffer from anxiety and other mental health difficulties, and our therapy programmes reflect the need to support them in building confidence and self-esteem for lifelong well-being. We work on:

  • Friendship issues
  • Conversation skills
  • Dealing with teasing/bullying
  • Anxiety management
  • Talking about our feelings
  • Safely using electronic communication.

We also work with parents, carers, teachers, SENCOs, teaching assistants and other professionals to ensure a holistic package of care.

Besides bespoke 1:1 therapy, we also offer the following:

Holiday activity groups for girls with an autism/Asperger’s diagnosis. These 90 minute groups include group activities and discussion for the girls while their parents can meet nearby for tea/coffee and to share experiences.

Services for schools: It’s likely that during their teaching careers, most SENCOs, teachers and teaching assistants will come across girls with undiagnosed autistic spectrum conditions. Evidence suggests that, left undiagnosed and unsupported, many of these girls may go on to develop serious mental health difficulties such as eating disorders, self-harm and depression. Our experienced Speech and language therapists specialise in working with girls on the autistic spectrum. Our training package will help SENCOs, teachers and teaching assistants to:

  • Identify girls with autistic spectrum conditions
  • Support the parents of girls with autism
  • Support girls with autism in school, including practical strategies to help girls with learning, friendship, bullying and self-esteem.




You can fill in our booking form by clicking here or if you want to discuss how we can help with Autism in Girls, please contact us.

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