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Mental Health Nurses in Oxfordshire and surrounding areasPrivate services in Mental Health Nursing provided by professional nurses in Oxfordshire.

Mental health nurses work in varied ways...

mental health nursingMany nurses (as well as GP’s, psychiatrists etc.) within the NHS and private sector work from the hypothesis that mental distress/illness is largely biological in origin, and therefore will likely focus on medication. Other practitioners believe that mental distress/illness in best understood in what is called a BioPsychoSocial model of care which takes into account the biological, psychological and environmental aspects of a person and will therefore look to treatments that address all these areas. Most often, they will focus largely on the psychological and environmental, promoting recovery through holistic means and using medication as a last resort.

Our mental health nurses work holistically, seeing mental distress/illness as a meaningful response to difficult circumstances, stresses and feelings. They have worked within the different frameworks of care across hospitals, A&E and community teams and therefore understand the treatment you are likely to be offered there and the medication you/your child have or will be given. They are able to offer more information, advice and a second opinion for you and your child.

Therapeutic work will involve using counselling, person-centred, and solution-focused techniques to build trust, rapport and put the young person’s voice and story at the centre of their care. It will prioritise making sense of distress and looking at patterns of thought and behaviour that can be uncovered and changed, finding approaches, techniques and practical strategies that build self-esteem, regulation, emotional awareness, empowerment and recovery.

Our mental health nurses believe that diagnosis and/or medication may not always be the answer, and that the most important factor in recovery is partnership, meaning-making and being heard.

It is a service most suitable for children aged 8 – 18 years old, and can help to support children with issues such as low mood, anxiety, bullying, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, unusual behaviour/thoughts, hearing voices, mood dis-regulation, psychosis, and eating disorders etc.




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