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Young Person and Family Support Service in OxfordshirePrivate Young Person and Family Support Services in Oxfordshire

Child/Young Person Support

Our young person and family support workers take a holistic approach, engaging with the support network that surrounds the young person/child. During long and short-term interventions, they aim to draw out the young person and the family’s voice, giving priority when acting on the views and rights of the children so that they are heard and acknowledged. The highest agenda when working with families is ensuring the safeguarding of the children and young people. Within 1-1 sessions, our support workers will engage the young person in positive activities in order to identify their need and support them in increasing their level of self-esteem.

Family Support

The aim of family support is to encourage parents/carers/families to learn new ways of managing their children whilst ensuring a safe and nurturing environment and, in doing, increasing their parenting confidence and children’s level of self-esteem. Within this, our support workers also assist parents to develop skills and strategies to reduce inappropriate levels of care received by their children, and to support the children in accessing appropriate services such as Young Carers.




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