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Art psychotherapist in Kent, help with childrenHighly Professional Art Psychotherapists in Kent.

Psychotherapy through Art is offered by The Owl Centre’s specialists

The Art Psychotherapists at The Owl Centre in Kent combine expertise and experience with a friendly and sympathetic approach to the children and parents they see. They also have links with the NHS to ensure a seamless continuity for clients who have received NHS assessments or therapy.


Simon Woodward MA Art Therapist

Simon Woodward MA Art Therapist

Simon is an HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered Art Psychotherapist and BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) accredited private practitioner.

Simon currently provides both indoor and outdoor art therapy to children and adolescents who struggle to stay in full-time education in mainstream schools. This work ranges from one-to-one work in a community garden through to providing individual and group art therapy for a farm college in Kent. Underlying emotional issues are explored through the art making process within a trusting therapeutic relationship.

Simon has provided art therapy for community adult mental health projects; NHS art therapy groups and facilitated art therapy for higher education students experiencing mental health issues. Simon’s professional practice also includes supervising MA art therapy trainees in a university setting. Simon also has ten years’ experience of learning disabilities social care provision.

Simon is co-founder of COATS (Community Outdoor Art Therapy Service) which has provided nature-based well-being groups for a national mental health charity; facilitated family outdoor art making sessions in a community garden; run seasonal outdoor workshops for a therapeutic arts studio and provided therapeutic art making workshops in SE London.

Locations covered:

  • Abbey Wood
  • Blackheath
  • Catford
  • Charlton
  • Dartford
  • Greenwich
  • Lewisham
  • Plumstead



Sally Carson MA Art Psychotherapy, HCPC and BAAT reg.

Sally Carson MA Art Psychotherapy, HCPC and BAAT reg.

Sally is an HCPC (Health and Care Professional Council) registered Art Psychotherapist and BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) accredited Private practitioner and supervisor.

For the last nine years, Sally has worked predominantly with Children in Care who have been placed in Kent by Kent County Council (KCC) or by the London Boroughs. She also works with children and young people who are not in care and with adults.

Sally’s approach is psychodynamic non-directional and client-led using Art Therapy, Play Therapy and Talking Therapy. She works closely with foster carers, schools and Residential Managers to support placements.

Children and Young People in care often struggle to verbalise their feelings about what has happened and what is happening to them. Through the use of art making and play, they can start to understand who they are and how to make positive attachments.

Sally has a wide experience of liaising with a variety of professionals from Social Workers, Independent Reviewing Officers, Teachers in Mainstream and Special Needs schools, Family Liaison Officers (FLO), Special Educational Needs Officers (SENCos), Independent Fostering Agencies, Local Authorities, KCC Sense of Belonging team, CYPMHS (Children &Young People’s Mental Health Service) and Foster Carers.

Sally offers support to foster carers, guardianship and other family members. She has run Special Interest Groups for foster carers, providing training about attachment and trauma.

Sally can provide appointments in the following areas amongst others:

  • Ashford
  • Canterbury
  • Dover
  • Faversham
  • Folkestone
  • Herne BaySandwich
  • Thanet
  • Whitstable




Profiles of the other Owl Centre therapists to follow soon.


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