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Autism Spectrum Disorders: Full assessment
The Owl Centre Autism assessment for adults is a comprehensive package, designed to accurately diagnose Autism. The assessment is typically carried out by a Clinical Psychologist and a Speech and Language Therapist.  The assessment involves all or some of the below:
  • An in-depth interview with you and a relative or close friend whom you choose to bring with you.
  • Analysis of questionnaires sent to you before the Autism appointment.
  • The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), which is filmed and double scored for reliability purposes. 
  • Information from other important people in your life, where relevant (employers, co-workers, partners etc.)
Following the assessment, your therapist will write a full report, with a diagnosis where one can be made. This report will be sent to you with any recommendations that may help you overcome some of the difficulties you are experiencing.
ADHD: Full assessment
A variety of sources are used when assessing ADHD in adults. A diagnosis of ADHD is based on the number and severity of symptoms, the duration of symptoms and the degree to which these symptoms cause impairment in various areas of life, such as home, school or work; with friends or relatives; or in other activities
You will be asked to complete and return questionnaires before the assessment and to identify a spouse or other family member who can also participate in parts of the evaluation. 
The assessment includes a diagnostic interview which is a semi-structured interview, to provide a detailed history of the individual. This will include questions about your health, early childhood development, academic and work experience, driving history, drug and alcohol abuse, family and / or marital life and social history.
It may be helpful to review old school reports for your assessment.  Copies of reports from any previous psychological testing should also be brought to the appointment. For adults who experience problems in the workplace, job evaluations should be brought for review. 
The examiner will review the diagnostic criteria for ADHD and determine how many of them apply to the individual, both at the present time and since childhood. The interviewer will further determine the extent to which these ADHD symptoms are interfering with the individual’s life.
Additional information is also collected from independent sources such as the spouse or other family members.
A full written report with recommendations is provided. 
Some medical conditions, such as thyroid problems and seizure disorders, can cause symptoms that resemble ADHD symptoms. The Owl Centre does not currently offer medical examinations for adults.
The above is usually carried out in a day, and the full report usually takes 2 – 3 weeks to produce.
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