Next 2 day MAKATON (Levels 1 and 2) Training Course in Oxford: 2nd & 3rd April. Fee: £120 per person (incl. manuals). Contact us if you wish to attend.
This discipline can help to assess and treat:
- children and young people who have been fostered, adopted, live in kinship care or in residential homes.
- Biological families who need support in repairing relationships. 
DDP begins with the therapist getting to know the parent(s)/carer(s). This weekly process involves the therapist getting to know your child through you, understanding your own background and situation, and supporting you to understand your own difficulties with regards to parenting your child. You will be introduced to the PACE model and together with your therapist, you will become prepared and ready to involve your child in future sessions. 
The next step involves you, your child and the therapist - prior to each session with your child, your therapist will make time to have a talk with you to discuss how your week has been and make plans about what you want to discuss during the meeting. With your child there, you and your therapist will then work together to help your child feel as emotionally safe as is possible, build healthy relationships, help them make sense of what has happened, and think about how your child coped / managed his or her past experiences.
Number of sessions
Each family is different, but it is typically expected that the DDP process would take a minimum of one year. 
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Please note that we do not offer all disciplines in all locations, and in some areas we offer outreach visits only.