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This discipline can help to assess and treat many problems including:
- Communication difficulties.
- Developing verbal and non-verbal skills.
- Emotional difficulties.
- Behavioural difficulties.
- Relationship difficulties.
- Motor skills.
- Developmental delay.
- Developing social interaction skills.
- Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Unless the patient has already been assessed by a suitable therapist, and you are able to share with us a set of current targets or an assessment report written within the last 6 months, an initial assessment is the first step. This would last approximately 1 hour and would be comprehensive. Afterwards, you would be given feedback, targets, strategies to achieve these targets, and, if you have opted for one, a formal written report. Reports are generally requested if the findings need to be shared with other professionals (e.g. the NHS, nursery, school, etc.).
In rare cases, a second appointment might be required to complete an assessment. If so, the first session would be charged at the assessment rate, and the second session at the therapy rate.
Following the assessment, clients are provided with advice as to whether or not therapy would be recommended in order to implement the programme of strategies created in the assessment.
Number of sessions
Clients are not obliged to take up therapy but, should they choose to do so, the number of therapy sessions required (and the frequency and length of each session) would be entirely dependent on the patient’s needs and age. However, it is fairly standard for a therapist to see a patient for 1 hour each week for 5 or 6 weeks, and to review progress at the end of that block.
Fees in your area can be seen via this link:
Please note that we do not offer all disciplines in all locations, and in some areas we offer outreach visits only.

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