The object of Therapeutic Play is to improve the emotional well-being of the child.
Children who may benefit from Therapeutic Play may be:
• Finding it difficult to concentrate and learn.
• Having nightmares or disturbed sleep.
• Suffering from anxiety, stress or phobias.
• Suffering from a loss or bereavement.
• Withdrawn or continually unhappy.
• Displaying Autistic tendencies.
• Finding it difficult to make friends.
• Quarrelling frequently with peers or siblings.
In each session, The Therapeutic Play Skills Practitioner provides a safe and consistent space for the child to play, using a range of resources, known as a toolkit, which can include items such as sand, clay, creative art materials, puppets, small world figures and musical instruments.
Sessions are child-led and delivered on a one to one basis.
The Therapeutic Play Skills Practitioner is non-directive and non-judgemental throughout, and communicates with the child through whichever medium the child has chosen, i.e. sand, clay etc. The child has the opportunity to process and express their emotions safely and, in doing so, become empowered to cope outside of the Playroom with the issues they are experiencing.
Number of sessions
Therapeutic Play offers a child a block of 12 x weekly sessions, as a minimum. Each sessions lasts for 40 minutes, and takes place at the same time each week in the same venue to ensure consistency for the child. The child can choose to end the session at any point. There is an opportunity for all involved, including the child, to review the block of sessions after the 8th session. The Review process then establishes whether a further block of Therapeutic Play sessions would be beneficial for the child, or whether the sessions will end after the 12th session. The child would then be prepared for Ending during the remaining sessions.
Therapeutic Play would NOT be suitable for children who are Looked After, adopted or are already engaging with a Mental Health Professional. Play Therapy, or other disciplines, may be more appropriate for these children.
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Please note that we do not offer all disciplines in all locations. Furthermore, the delivery of Therapeutic Play sessions does not lend itself to Home Visits.

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