Aisha Hanif

Type of therapist: Speech and Language Therapy

Location: Glamorgan


AAC Articulation and Phonology Autism Spectrum Autism Diagnosis (ADOS) Bilingualism Cleft Palate Down's Syndrome Dyspraxia Language Disorder Learning Disability Motor Speech Disorders Selective Mutism Social and Emotional Difficulties Stammering


  • I am a skilled, motivated and extremely passionate Speech and Language Therapist looking to make a valuable contribution to the field of Healthcare; but more significantly, to the individual.
  • Holding a strong person-centred care approach is a core value of mine which is fundamental to the successful assessment, management and outcome of the individual and overall service. The vast amount of administrative and non-administrative roles and responsibilities within this role are challenging; however, they are as equally rewarding and beneficial for the delivery of an excellent, effective and professional service.
  • I am extremely keen and proactive in undertaking further training and courses to develop myself personally and professionally. I sincerely believe that in order to achieve a goal, you have to fall in love with the baby steps that lead you there and I have, so far, cherished every step.

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  • In Switzerland it is illegal to own just one guinea pig

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