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Emmanouil Pattakos

Type of therapist: Music Therapy

Location: London


Anger management Anxiety Attachment issues Emotional regulation Parent/Carer Support Parent/Child relationships Personal Development Self-esteem


  • BA Joint Honours, Music & Sonic Arts (2007)
  • Master of Arts, Music Therapy (2013)


  • • Providing Music therapy intervention for individual students or groups ,tailored according to their needs and capabilities
  • • Providing confidentiality, dignity and privacy to patients at all times.
  • • Comprehensive understanding of special needs.
  • • Assisting in the implementation of treatment and care plans.
  • • Helping service users to maintain and develop social, communication, emotional, spiritual, occupational and personal skills.
  • • Awareness of Health and Safety, infection control regulations, Equal Opportunities, Data Protection, Risk management and confidentiality.
  • • Fully aware and respectful of a patient’s rights, as well as their religious and cultural beliefs.
  • • Ability to record patient observations accurately and report any issues of concern.
  • • Reporting to the person in charge any Health and Safety issues.