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Jane Mulley

Type of therapist: Autism Support

Location: Hertfordshire


  • I have a long and varied child development background, experience and continuous training, which enables me to design and deliver a bespoke programme for the individual and family. I prides myself in ensuring activities are purposeful, predictable, desirable and meaningful to enhance relationships and learning.
  • Working in partnership with families is fundamental. As research suggests this promotes positive long term outcomes. I am a qualified counsellor, which enables me to support individuals and families emotionally and practically.
  • My experiences have shown me the importance and benefits of collaborative working. For this reason, I liaise with nurseries/schools/agencies and other professionals to ensure there is continuity in targets and outcomes. I can also offer and deliver training for educators and other practitioners in their settings.
  • I have experience in supporting families in writing their advice for their child’s EHCP, recognising that Local Authorities appear to have differences in their format/process. I am competent in writing reports as supporting evidence for EHCP and housing. I can signpost and refer families to different services for additional guidance such as support in completing the lengthy DLA application.
  • I hopes to empower the families and individuals I work with, therefore building a trusting and positive working relationship with both the child/young person and family. Trust and positivity always remains at the heart of my practice.
  • I currently work alongside Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Education colleagues, and other professionals to provide the best possible outcomes for each child. It is important that we all recognise the need for us all to work together, to be positive, empathetic and supportive, and to suggest practical and imaginative ways to overcome obstacles and find solutions.
  • I have two adult children of my own therefore have experience of the education applications system and how this works.
  • I am also a fully trained Appropriate Adult supporting vulnerable young people across Hertfordshire. I have undertaken training as a Mentor and have a full, current Chaperones licence.

Interesting / fun facts

  • I have 2 naughty schnauzers, George and Mildred, who love long walks through the woods and a swim in the stream.
  • We love travelling and taking our dogs with us to explore the coast, hills or long walks.
  • I love musical theatre, not so much loved by my husband, who I drag along with me!
  • I love reading and escaping through a good novel.