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Lydia Doherty

Type of therapist: Speech and Language Therapy

Location: Hertfordshire


Articulation and Phonology Cleft Palate Language Disorder Stammering


  • Human Communication Sciences BSc (2013)
  • Clinical Communication Studies MMedSci (2015)


  • Lydia works with children with a variety of speech and language needs:
  • Children (2-16 yrs) with speech sound delay/disorder. Lydia has several years’ experience of working in NHS clinics and mainstream schools for children with speech sound difficulties. More recently, Lydia is beginning to specialise in supporting children with a speech disorder as a result of a Cleft, Lip & Palate
  • Children (2-16 years) with social communication difficulties. Lydia has received training in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).
  • Children (2-16 yrs), with language delay/disorder. Lydia is competent in the use of Makaton signs and has received training in The Shape Coding™ System.
  • Children up to the age of 7 yrs with stammering difficulties. Lydia is trained in supporting children via the Michael Palin Parent-Child Interaction approach.