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Stephanie Love

Type of therapist: Speech and Language Therapy

Location: Berkshire


  • MA Education (2020)
  • BSc Hons Speech and Language Therapy (2010)


  • Attachment and Trauma Masterclass
  • Delivered Instructional Course on Social Communication and Selective Mutism at the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) Conference 2019
  • Love S 137 Comparison of parent and teacher ratings of communication and social interaction in young people Archives of Disease in Childhood 2018;103:A55.
  • 3Di
  • ADOS-2 Coding and Consensus (Autism assessment)
  • Talking Mats
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS
  • Makaton

Interesting / fun facts

  • I've climbed a live volcano and the Inca Trek to Macchu Picchu
  • Have a Blue Peter badge