ADHD is a condition characterised by the three “core” symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity. Some children may be predominantly hyperactive and impulsive, and some may be predominantly inattentive.  
The ADHD diagnostic assessment is carried out by a Clinical Psychologist.  Information from school, parents/carers and, where appropriate, the child will be collected and evaluated prior to the assessment, including Conners questionnaires. These questionnaires are specifically designed to look for the key features of ADHD and also assess the possibility of other “co-existing” conditions which may be present.  A classroom observation and meeting with school staff (for both, if possible) and a thorough developmental history and interview with the parents/carers is also carried out.
A full written report with recommendations is provided. 
PLEASE NOTE: no physical examination is offered with this assessment. As such, no medicine prescriptions can be made as a result. If this is required, please contact us to find out about the availability of our psychiatrist and accompanying fees.
An ADHD assessment costs £1000 plus travel (if applicable).

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