ADHD Assessments for Adults (without medication)
Full diagnostic assessment with comprehensive report including completion of the DIVA-5 (NICE recommended diagnostic tool):
·      Screening of referral and analysis of any information / reports obtained prior to appointment
·      3-hour diagnostic assessment with a Clinical Specialist in ADHD
·      Completion of the DIVA-5 (NICE recommended diagnostic tool)
·      Screening for common Mental Health Conditions 
·      Feedback and formulation given on the day (where possible)
·      A comprehensive report with recommendations will be provided and a copy sent to your GP (with your consent)
·      Post diagnostic pack provided including information on ADHD treatments and useful self-help resources
·      If diagnosed – a letter sent to you employer / educational institution outlining your diagnosis and, if appropriate, including recommendations of reasonable adjustments 
Prior to the assessment we would require you to share with us:
·      School reports / equivalent (where possible)
·      Any other documentation that may be relevant to the assessment (SEN, Mental Health reports)
·      Any relevant developmental history - usually provided by an informant (someone that has known you since childhood - i.e. a family member, parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle). If this is not possible, please discuss this with us
The Assessment:
·      Full developmental and life history
·      Full mental health screening
·      Presenting situation and symptoms
·      DIVA-5 (diagnostic tool)
·      Conclude using DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and NICE Guidance
The assessment takes approximately 3 hours. A full diagnostic report will be provided, with recommendations, within 2 weeks of the completion of the assessment. A copy will be sent to your GP unless consent is withheld.
ADHD Assessments for Adults (with medication)
Prescriptions are currently charged at £30.
An ADHD assessment costs £1000 plus travel (if applicable) excluding any prescriptions.

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