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Educational psychologists (EPs) are trained to support the learning and wellbeing of children and young people. Our EPs are experienced practitioners with a wealth of knowledge in child development and psychology, special needs and school systems. They can help with: 
·      Language and social communication 
·      Social skills 
·      Emotional needs 
·      Challenging behaviour 
·      Preparing for adulthood and developing independence 
·      General learning difficulties
·      Maths / dyscalculia  
·      Literacy / dyslexia 
·      Reading
·      Writing
·      Friendships  
·      Memory and processing 
·      Access arrangements 
·      Cognitively gifted children
·      The impact of physical and/or neurological difficulties 
·      Sensory processing 
·      Advice in preparation for Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) applications
Our EPs can provide services in the home or educational setting and accept referrals from parents, young people (over 16), schools, preschools and colleges. It usually works best when assessments can take place in the school setting involving adults who are responsible for supporting your child. 
Psychological assessments usually involve individual work with the child or young person, a classroom/preschool observation where possible, consultations with those involved with supporting the child or young person, plus a comprehensive written report.
·      Before the booking 
On enquiry, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with an EP to decide whether this service is right for you and your child. After you have made your booking, a telephone consultation will be arranged to discuss background information and your concerns regarding your child in greater depth. You will also be asked to fill out some paperwork about your child.
·      On the day 
The details of any assessment will be agreed between you, your child’s school and the EP. Usually the EP will meet with you and members of staff who know your child well, meet individually with your child and observe them in class. At the end of the appointment, you will have a chance to discuss initial feedback with the EP, and to ask any questions.
·      After the appointment
You will receive a full written report within three weeks of the appointment date, emailed to you in a password protected document. You will have the opportunity to amend any factual errors and to ask questions about the report via a telephone call with the EP.
Fees may vary. Example assessment packages are outlined below: 
Specific Learning Difficulty assessment – £715 
Dyslexia or dyscalculia assessment plus a full cognitive assessment. The report would include a summary of the results as well as practical and evidence-based strategies to help your child make progress.
Early years assessment – £715 
This usually includes a meeting and an observation at your child’s nursery/pre-school. The EP will consider key areas of development in preschool-age children e.g. language and communication, social development, physical development, early learning and play. The report would include a summary of the assessment as well as practical and evidence-based strategies to help your child make progress.
Full psychological assessment – £800 to £1000  
For school-age children and above, looking at all identified areas of concern. The report would include relevant background information on your child, detailed information on their strengths and difficulties based on EP assessment, as well as practical and evidence-based strategies to help your child make progress.

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