Next 2 day MAKATON (Levels 1 and 2) Training Course in Oxford: 2nd & 3rd April. Fee: £120 per person (incl. manuals). Contact us if you wish to attend.
This discipline focuses on parents, enabling them to conduct special non-directive play sessions with their child as part of a process that can strengthen the parent-child relationship. It can help parents of children aged between 3 – 15 years:
- Develop increased listening skills.
- Developer stronger parent-child relationships.
- Reduce emotional and behavioural difficulties.
- Help create better boundaries and consistency.
1:1 sessions with the Filial Therapist and parents.
Number of sessions
Whilst each family is different, Filial Therapy typically requires anywhere from 12 to 20 x 1 hour sessions.
Fees in your area can be seen via this link:
Please note that we do not offer all disciplines in all locations, and in some areas we offer outreach visits only.