Dani Richman

Type of therapist: Autism Support

Location: Middlesex


  • BPhil Autism (children) Birmingham University (2017)
  • Person Centred Counselling (2007)


  • I have over 12 years experiences working with children with autism and related conditions
  • Many of these years are in early intervention, working for a Local Authority
  • The style in which I work is child and family centred
  • I adopt an eclectic approach using various evidence-based interventions including:
  • Intensive Interaction
  • PECS
  • Attention Autism
  • I have experience writing Social Stories
  • I use a Speech and Language approach called Colourful Semantics
  • I am able to implement some sensory integration techniques
  • I also have extensive knowledge about the SCERTS framework
  • I have experience writing reports for the Education Health and Care Plan
  • I work closely with parents, schools and other professionals

Interesting / fun facts

  • The average person spends two weeks of their life waiting at traffic lights
  • Cows can walk upstairs but not down them
  • There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on earth
  • No word in the English dictionary rhymes with 'orange'

Locations covered (103)

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