Katy McDonald

Type of therapist: Autism Support

Location: Hertfordshire


Autism Spectrum Behavioural Difficulties Special Educational Needs Early Years Sensory Integration Difficulties Social and Emotional Difficulties Classroom Observation / Advice for Teachers Self-esteem / confidence Parenting support Emotional regulation Social and emotional development Self-esteem Obsessions Developmental delay Attention-related Difficulties (ADD, ADHD) Attention-related Difficulties (ADD, ADHD)


  • BSC Colour Chemistry (1996)
  • PGCE Primary Teaching (2007)
  • MA Autism Studies (2015)


  • I am an enthusiastic autism practitioner, who is committed to supporting individuals with Autism to be confident and independent members of the community and to have opportunities to reach their potential.
  • I have worked with both parents and school staff to empower them to use different strategies and a consistent approach to support a child with a diagnosis of Autism. I am passionate about inclusion within schools, and all children learning and playing with their peers, using supports and strategies to overcome any barriers that might arise. I am a qualified primary teacher with a Masters in Autism Studies. I have taught within mainstream primary schools, including as a Learning Support Teacher providing support for children with Autism within these settings. I have also worked within a Language, Communication and Interaction Service, supporting mainstream schools to provide an inclusive and accessible provision that meets the needs of these children.
  • I have worked with teenagers and adults to support social and emotional skills, and social thinking. This can be to support the individual in employment and education, making and maintaining friendships, and to be confident and independent to achieve their goals in life.
  • Professional skills -
  • Provide strategies to support interaction, social communication and emotional regulation of children and adults.
  • Provide strategies to support the sensory needs of children and adults.
  • Deliver targeted interventions including Attention Autism, Social Skills/Communication, Music Interaction, Food Exploration, Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking for children and adults.
  • Work with parents, school staff, and other adults to develop an understanding of the child's needs, and empower them to use suggested strategies to provide an inclusive practice that meets the needs of the child.
  • Use DIR Floor time, a SCERTs Approach and the Engagement Model within my practice.
  • Deliver CPD within a school setting.
  • Carry out ADOS Assessments, including the Developmental History.
  • Personal skills -
  • A passion for all individuals being included and reaching their potential
  • Team work
  • Attention to detail
  • Effective communication.
  • An enthusiasm to continue my professional development.
  • A professional attitude to all areas of my work.

Interesting / fun facts

  • I have played the cello as part of an orchestra!

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